Why Regular Remedial Massage Treatments are Beneficial for Athletes

Have you ever wondered how to improve your performance as an Athlete? Or how you can recover more efficiently between training, games and competition?And most importantly how you can avoid injury?

Whether you consider yourself a professional athlete or just play weeknight social sport most of us are looking for ways to get a leg up on our competitors and to give our best performance! 

That’s where remedial massage therapy comes in.

People who partake in regular sport and exercise are using the same muscles and movements repetitively and without proper recovery are more likely to see a decline in performance and in some cases may acquire an injury. 


So how can remedial massage help? Let me elaborate..

Here are just some of the reasons why regular remedial massage is beneficial for Athletes:

Increased range of motion and flexibility

Regular massage increases range of motion at your joints and flexibility of your muscles by helping muscles to relax and release any tightness in the muscles that may be restricting movement.

Reduced pain

Whether you’re feeling general soreness after a tough training session or you have an injury remedial massage can help to reduce the pain. This occurs due to increased blood flow to the area assisting the tissue healing process along with targeted techniques that help to release tension and tightness in the muscle.

Aid Recovery

Again the blood flow around your body is increased helping to deliver nutrients to the tissues for recovery while at the same time it’s helping to remove any metabolic waste products. Not to mention the relaxed feeling you get from a massage will help you sleep better which means you will have a more well rested mind and body.

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Injury prevention

Since your remedial massage treatment has provided you with less pain, stiffness and tightness, more flexibility and range of motion and most importantly adequate recovery you are less likely to get injured! Amazing right?!

Enhance performance

As mentioned above after a massage you will have increased range of motion and flexibility, you will feel relaxed and have a focused mind and body, less pain, and low injury risk. Your performance is bound to be better than ever!

The best part of getting a massage for athletes is how great you’ll feel competing and playing the sport you love!

Massage can help to keep you at your peak performance for longer and keep you from an early retirement.

An important thing to remember when you start incorporating remedial massage therapy into your recovery routine, is that the results won’t happen after just one session. 

While some people like to say us Remedial Massage Therapists have magic hands we won’t be able to fix everything in just one session and give you the long term benefits you deserve! 

Regular massage is beneficial to all athletes, whatever that might look like for you!

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