Dry Body Brushing! 


Did you know that your skin is actually the largest organ on your body and plays a huge role in regulating your body temperature.  By acting like a shield, it protects your organs, bones and muscles from harmful things such as the weather, germs and toxic substances.

The average person has about 300 millions skin cells which is roughly 21sq feet of skin with 11 miles of blood vessels and weighs 9 lbs.  The thickest skin on your body is on your feet and thinnest on your eyes.

“Your skin is such an amazing organ!”

Your skin consists of 3 layers which consist of:

As well as being one of the most incredible and largest organs of the body, skin actually renews itself every 28days. It is constantly shedding dead skin cells every minute, which equates to around 4kg per year!

  • The epidermis:  The outer layer of the skin which gives it the waterproofing and skin texture
  • The dermis: Underneath the epidermis and holds all the connective tissue, hair follicles and sweat glands
  • The hypodermis: The deep tissue and is made up of fat and connective tissue
Reference: https://www.healthline.com/health/layers-of-skin#1

Our skin colour comes from cells called melanocytes, which produce the pigment melanin. These are found in the epidermis layer of our skin. 

Another amazing job the skin does is help with detoxification. Just below the skin, is our lymphatic system which helps move toxins and waste through the body, when this is not working well, you can feel tired and sick.

A great way of keeping your skin healthy and fit is dry body brushing.  Not only does dry body brushing help remove dead cells and help unclog blocked pores, it can help with stimulating the lymphatic system helping move toxins so therefore helping to detox and help decrease ingrown hairs and cellulite.

Other benefits of dry brushing is that is can help increase circulation and blood flow, giving you more energy and calming your nervous system – almost like having a massage. 

So, how can we do it?  I hear you ask …..

It is very simple and easy and takes just a few minutes a day to do, just before you have a shower or bath.

You will need a good brush, there are some good body brushes on the market and not too expensive either, my brush is like this, which is excellent to get to them hard to reach areas.

Now, you don’t want to be too hard, you don’t want to cause the skin to go red or sting just pinky and do soft, large sweeping motions moving towards the heart and repeating several times. Make sure to be nice and gentle over them sensitive areas. 

Start on the soles of the feet and move up the body, sweeping 4-6 times over the same area before moving onto the next, and always towards the heart.  Once you have finished have a nice shower to remove any dead skin and switch between hot and cold to get the blood circulating. Finish up by gently patting the skin dry and applying a beautiful, nourishing moisturiser to finish.  Repeat this daily and wait to see how the skin feels after a week or two 

Trust us, your skin will thank you for it  🙂