Surviving Cairns in the Summer! Part 1.

Surviving Cairns in the Summer! Part 1.

By Sammi Toyne (Client Experience Officer at FNQ Health Co.)  

I remember my first summer in Cairns, arriving from the UK on the 30th November. When I left the UK it was gale force winds and about 2 degrees and when I stepped off the airplane and walked out of the airport it was hot, so, so hot and very humid, I was not sure how I was going to survive..

How to Survive Cairns in the Summer…

Over the years, I have become used to the summer heat and humidity and have put together and few tips and tricks I have picked up along the way on how to survive Cairns in the summer, as a POM!

  • Wear cool, loose clothing and a hat, the bigger the better
    Use a good sunscreen (there are some amazing ones which are reef friendly and not full of chemicals!)
  • If you do happen to get sunburnt, aloe vera is your friend! Plant it in your garden, keep it in your fridge for instance cooling relief.
  • Be aware of sunstroke and overheating symptoms, especially with the young, elderly and pets – if you do suspect sunstroke head straight towards your doctor/vet for professional advice and help.
  • Stay out of the sun between 11am – 2pm and try and find some shade if you can!
  • WATER! I cannot say this enough but drink water, plenty of water – jazz it up with the beautiful fruits available from Rusty’s Market, ice tea, herbal tea, just make sure you keep hydrated!
  • Eat plenty of fresh salads, fruit and veg. These help to keep the body cool and healthy, replenishes the nutrients lost through sweating, again definitely Rusty’s Market as our go to!
  • Try to avoid strenuous activity during the middle of the day – why not go for a dip in the pool instead or just stay in the shade.
  • Fill a spray bottle with water and keep in the fridge for a quick refreshing spray to the face – add your favourite essential oils such as lavender, wild orange or peppermint to give that added relief.
  • Enjoy free air conditioning.. Go to a shopping centre! Cairns Central or Smithfield for a wander, watch a good movie at the cinema or enjoy a book at the local library!
  • Get a massage! The heat and humidity increases swelling and discomfort due to fluid retention. Massage can increase blood flow, reduce this swelling and make you move more freely, even during the midst of the heat this summer!

I hope you have picked up a few great tips on how to stay cool as the summer approaches us this season. Keep cool, have fun and enjoy beautiful FNQ for all it has to offer, humidity and all!

Have a read of part 2, covering some more hot tips and words of caution to come soon!

Stay cool and talk soon!

Sammi x

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