Should I see a Physio before my Knee Replacement?

Are you preparing for an upcoming knee replacement?

At FNQ Health Co. we see lots of people who suffer with knee osteoarthritis. It can be really painful, frustrating and tiring! If you have had enough and the time has finally come for a full knee replacement as the next step, then read on…

Many people will see a Physio after they have had surgery to get them moving again. But what if we could do this before and get your knee moving QUICKER and getting you back to your life FASTER?

At FNQ Health Co. we offer a comprehensive rehabilitation program BEFORE your surgery, to make sure you get the best outcome following your knee replacement. We call this ‘prehab’.

Should I see a Physio before my Knee Replacement?
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Prehabilitation, what is it?

Prehabilitation is the first stage in the rehabilitation pathway. ‘Prehab’ is essentially the preparation for rehabilitation before having surgery. We would say prehab is paramount to a successful joint replacement and should be started ideally at least 6 weeks prior to your surgery. Like most things in life, preparation is key!

“Those who undergo ‘prehab’ have much better RECOVERY following their surgery, with less pain, a shorter hospital stay and more function. This then allows us to help you get back to walking, tennis, lawn bowls or whatever it may be that you have been missing out on, FASTER.”
Many studies have shown that undergoing an assessment with a Physiotherapist to identify common impairments such as poor muscle activation, muscle imbalances, mobility limitations and balance issues can be super helpful to address before surgery. By improving these issues beforehand, a full rehabilitation can be achieved much faster and with much fewer complications.

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How can Prehabilitation help?

  • We can improve your pain levels before your surgery
  • You will get the chance to familiarise yourself with the exercises you will need to do after your surgery
  • It will help you enhance your muscle memory – our muscles are pretty smart, they will remember what we do!
  • It improves general fitness and conditioning for your surgery
  • It also improved your muscle strength and endurance before your surgery
  • Gets you actively involved and focused on your rehabilitation!

Still not convinced?

  • We will ensure you go into your surgery with a positive mindset that carries on throughout your road to recovery.
  • We will also make sure your home is well equipped and ready for you and your new knee
  • Providing you with the opportunity to talk about any fears you may have such as… ‘how long will I be in hospital for, when can I drive, going to the toilet and more!’
  • Plus many more benefits!…

A committed rehabilitation program is one of the most important aspects of returning back to full function following a knee replacement. At FNQ Health Co., we will devise a comprehensive exercise program tailored to you to ensure you achieve the best outcome possible. The sooner you can get started with your Physiotherapist the better!

Remember, your surgery is only half the battle to returning to full function! Let us help.

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