About Post Surgical Rehab

FNQ Health Co. have a close affiliation with many surgeons in Cairns and the Far North, to provide optimal post surgical rehabilitation for all patients.

​Whether you are recovering from a knee replacement, ACL repair, fracture fixation or even abdominal surgery, Physio is an imperative part of your rehab. We are trained in offering advice following surgery and helping you regain mobility, strength and function.

​With experience in managing a range of surgeries from simple to complex, for all body parts and types, we guarantee to assist you in your recovery.

​As well as rehab following surgery, we also strongly advocate prehab. This is a relatively new concept, in which strengthening before your surgery leads to much higher success after surgery.

​If you have any queries regarding your Physiotherapy journey before or after surgery, please do not hesitate to get in contact with us.

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