About Dry Needling

Dry needling involves needling myofascial trigger points within tight muscles. The de-activation of these painful myofascial trigger points, allows the muscle to relax, increasing blood flow and releasing toxins, to reduce muscle tension. This provides pain relief and promotes healing. It is similar but not the same as acupuncture, where the same needles are used but a different philosophy applied.

​Dry needling commonly elicits a local twitch response, which is an involuntary reflex in which the muscle fibres contract around the needle. This action is very beneficial in achieving muscle relaxation as well as activating release of the body’s endorphin chemicals, which provide a pain relieving effect.

​This is very beneficial for a range of chronic conditions, such as lower back pain and headaches, as well as acute injuries. At FNQ Health Co, we have undertaken additional training in dry needling, to offer this as a treatment option for you.

​If you are interested in trying dry needling, contact us today, we guarantee you will love it!

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