At FNQ Health Co. we offer a range of nutrition & lifestyle education, perfect for schools, workplaces, community and sporting organisations plus more, to help educate and inspire students or staff on all things nutrition.
Understanding healthy eating and nutrition can help influence healthy behaviour changes and ultimately lead to a happier and healthier life. We will translate the science of nutrition into easy to understand every day information, so everyone can enjoy the benefits of long-term nutrition!

Our Clinical Nutritionist can come to you, or a group workshop can be arranged out of our clinic at FNQ Health Co.

Our sessions are individually tailored but focus on improving food and nutrition knowledge and confidence with choosing and cooking healthy delicious and nutritious food choices.
Workshops or seminars at your school to students and/or staff can be delivered on predefined topics/issues or can be tailor made to meet your specific request – see below for some examples of what could be covered.

We’re happy to tailor something to suit your group, just speak with us!

Services offered:

Corporate Nutrition Seminars
School Education
Professional development education
Wellbeing sessions for staff – improve workplace health and productivity
Community Workshops – on things such as managing stress, kids healthy lunchboxes, healthy family meals, gut health, food label reading and more
Cooking demonstrations
Health Stands
Resource and publication development – recipes, factsheets, booklet resources, menus etc.
Community sessions Newsletters and articles – articles for newsletters, e-newsletter, websites

What information could we cover?

Nutrition for adolescents/kids
Nutrition for sport – specific sports groups or PE courses
Nutrition issues – such as food intolerances and allergies
Women’s health – menstrual cycle, reproduction – what is normal & not
Food chemistry and biology
Healthy and practical snack and lunchbox ideas – including students and staff
Debunking nutrition myths
Hydration and good drink choices

What is healthy eating and how can you incorporate this into daily living?

Food label reading
Essential vitamins and minerals
Mindful eating
Deliver nutrition components of health promotion campaigns
Teach skills to staff for their own wellbeing – healthy cooking

Feel free to get in touch if we can help!