About Remedial Massage

Relieve tension, tightness and injuries.

Remedial Massage is all about providing relief from pain and tension. The word ‘remedial’ means the intention to correct something that is wrong or improve a bad situation through a remedy. Also known as a ‘deep tissue massage’, remedial massage is our most popular type of massage, ideal for relieving muscle tension and tightness. Whether it is from sitting at a desk daily, smashing out the gym, a tired tradie’s lower back, we can help target those painful areas and get you moving and feeling great again.

At FNQ Health Co. you can expect a visit with our remedial massage therapists to involve a physical assessment and discussion of your treatment plan, focussed on uncovering the source of your complaint, followed by hands on treatment that can be gentle or strong, deep or shallow. We also over private health rebates for most health funds.

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