Are you sick of rolling your ankle? 

Coming from a basketball background growing up, I am all too familiar with rolling my ankle (over and over again). Back then, I didn’t realize there was anything that could be done about it. Just part of the game. Just part of life. BUT, there absolutely are things that can be done about it both after AND before it’s even happened to prevent it happening in the first place.


The most common injury after an ankle roll is damage to the ATFL ligament that’s on the outer part of the foot. There are 3 grades of this ligament sprain depending on how much it has been stretched, ranging from partially torn to fully ruptured, and hence will impact the length of time it takes to heal depending on the severity. 


The chance of re-rolling your ankle is incredibly high, especially for the first 6 months after injury! Ankle braces and taping is key for any high risk activities during this time, ALONG WITH a comprehensive rehab program. 

Rehab usually consists of 5 steps. 

1.Reduce pain and inflammation 

Tip: rest the area for 2-3 days following an ankle roll with ice, a compression bandage, and elevating the foot 🙂 

2.Improve range of motion 

It’s common after a roll for the joint to stiffen up and we do NOT want this. So it’s important to get the ankle moving in a gentle way ASAP after an injury to prevent this stiffness, as having a stiff ankle joint can greatly affect the way you walk, and this may even start causing discomfort to other body areas as a result.

Tip: write the alphabet with your foot 🙂 

3.Improve strength of muscles surrounding the ankle 

CALVES and EVERTORS – we love them. 

Tip: calf raises (going on your tippy toes) 🙂

4.Improve proprioception 

Your awareness of where your body is in space.

An ankle roll can throw your balance right off. It’s SO important to re-train these systems to prevent the same injury happening over and over again. 

Tip: single leg balance with eyes closed 🙂 

5.Improve function according to YOUR goal 

Tip: for the sporting folk out there, practicing jumping and landing 🙂 

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There are SO many ways we can achieve ideal ankle range of motion, strength, balance, and function. Hopefully this guide provides a sneak peek into how this can be achieved.


For an in depth, tailored program suitable to you and your injury, please feel free to contact us at FNQ Health Co and we will get your ankle sorted and back to your goals! 

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