Pregnancy is such a wonderful time of a woman’s life! However, this journey to creating a new life is not always the smoothest. Keeping a nourishing diet and being aware of the benefits of curtain nutrients can really help you to grow a beautiful healthy baby and support your body during the process of creating life! 

Morning sickness, craving starchy white carbs, heartburn, fatigue, constipation plus all the rest! There are lots of unpleasant things you may experience, but also so much you can do to support your body also! 

I’m going to go over a few common pregnancy symptoms and what you can do to help get yourself feeling more alive! 

Morning sickness 

This is that wonderful nauseating feeling up to 85% of women get in the early stages of pregnancy. Sometimes it is the thing that alerts us to the fact that our body has a change-a-coming. Although the name would have you believe it comes on in the morning it can actually occur at anytime, day or night, with or without vomiting. This is due to the increased hormone levels and usually resolves by the second trimester (thank goodness!) 


  • Eat smaller more regular meals with enough protein 
  • Ginger and peppermint are also great & these can work beautifully as a tea 
  • Vitamin B6 has been shown to be effective for the relief of morning sickness (we can prescribe you with this to help, it works wonders!)

Those Carbohydrate Cravings! 

During early pregnancy you may be finding it hard to get in anything else but carbs, carbs and more carbs! I mean after all, you are growing a new life! The trick is to get the right carbs in, to better support you both. 


  • Go for whole and ancient grains over high processed and white (I know it can be hard, but trust me you will be so much better off!) 
  • Go for nutrient dense carbs that have a high amount of protein and good fats As well as micronutrients like vitamins and minerals 
  • Some great options include root vegetables (carrots, pumpkin, sweet potato, beetroot), nuts, seeds, oats, buckwheat, quinoa, chickpeas, beans, lentils and brown rice


Some women experience heartburn during pregnancy due to higher levels of progesterone affecting the opening between the stomach and esophagus.  


  • Again small regular meals
  • Cooked meals are generally better as they are easier to digest 
  • Avoid spicy or fatty foods (particularly deep fried or animal fat) 
  • Avoid lying down after eating and try eating dinner well before bed 
  • Chamomile and peppermint herbal teas can help as well

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It’s not uncommon to become constipated during pregnancy, especially during the second and third trimester. Oh the weird and wonderful things, no-one tells you! This is usually due to inadequate water intake so make sure to get plenty in. Constipation is also common straight after birth as well. 


  • Be sure to get in plenty of fibre, including vegetables, fruits and whole grains
  • Get in plenty of water! Treat yourself with a beautiful new water bottle and take it with you everywhere   
  • Gentle exercise is beneficial for many reasons during pregnancy including support regular bowel movements 

Birth and the days to follow 

It can be scary going into the birthing experience. It can help to remember that our bodies know what to do and if we give it a little trust and go with it as much as we can things may flow easier. After the birth you body can be a little out of whack. Remember to be kind and patient with yourself.

 Tips during birth

  • Eating a nutritious meal at the very first signs of labor, you will need energy! 
  • Getting sleep where you can 
  • You may throw up so avoid eating too much as you become more dilated 
  • Keep your fluids up (have that drink bottle handy!) 
  • Move in the way your body takes you 
  • Enjoy & trust the process! 

Tips after birth 

  • Use natural laxatives to relieve constipation including pear juice, prunes, plenty of fluids and fibre 
  • Consume healing foods including bone broths and stews, plenty of colourful fruits and vegetables and iron rich foods including well cooked meats (not processed), leafy greens, beans, legumes and eggs 
  • Do not restrict food especially if you are breastfeeding. If you are not breastfeeding and worried about weight, feel free to reach out with any questions you may have!  
  • Enjoy those special cuddles, nothing compares! 

Nutrients are essentially what our bodies and the baby we are growing are made of.”

We need plenty of essential nutrients to grow our beautiful bundles of joy! However, some have been found to be more in need during pregnancy, due to a high rate of deficiency or the role they play in the prevention of birth defects.


  • Make sure to get all the necessary blood tests to check nutrient levels 
  • Consult your Clinical Nutritionist for advice on a nourishing diet for both you and your baby
  • Nutrient interventions have been shown to significantly improve and reduce the risk of common conditions during pregnancy including gestational diabetes and preeclampsia    

At FNQ Health Co. we love supporting mums to be throughout this incredible phase of life. We offer a Pregnancy to Birth & Beyond Nutrition Package to help get you and bubs to be off to the best start in life!

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