Stephanie Hiller


Steph is our super kind and caring Physiotherapist here at FNQ Health Co. She is passionate about helping our clients move through life more with less pain and more happiness.

Why did you chose to become a Physiotherapist?
I love being able to play a key role in enable people to improve their health, well being and quality of life! 😁

What area of Physiotherapy do you love most?
Orthopaedics (after surgery) and musculoskeletal (shoulders / backs / necks / knees). I love improving client’s quality of life and to get people back on track with their lives!

Your favourite place in the world?
The beach and Munich

What is one thing people may be surprised to know about you?
I like to hug people and I’m happy when they are 🤗

Your favourite food?
Any kind of salad, sushi, German dumplings, oh and cheese

Your favourite quote?

Your guilty pleasure?
I love listening to old german songs that my mum used to. Even though they are horrible, I love them 😜

Your favourite drink?
Flavoured water and Powerade

If you could be any animal which would you be & why?
A dog! Because they love you unconditionally, they always seem to know how you feel 🐶

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