Shona Edwards

Exercise Physiologist

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Shona Edwards Exercise Physiologist Cairns

Shona Edwards

Accredited Exercise Physiologist

Shona is our Superstar Exercise Physiologist at FNQ Health Co. She has years of experience working in Exercise Physiology and loves seeing the amazing impact personalised exercise can have on clients physical and mental health.

Why did you choose health as a career?
It feels great to help clients improve their quality of life and reach their goals

What area of your role do you most enjoy and why?
The face to face exercise delivery. I like spending time with my clients and getting to know them on a personal level. It helps me gauge when to progress or regress. Its nice being able to regulate programming to meet the needs of your clients and having them leave feeling better then when they came in.

What is your favourite food?
Not fussy. Love food. Cheese is great. Goes with a lot of things..

One thing that people may not know about you?
I love dogs!

Your favourite place in the world?
Gosh that’s too hard to answer. Many. I did love living in Banff Alberta Canada though

Your favourite drink?
I love water the most! Otherwise a Pina Colada

Your guilty pleasure?
Fresh hot chips and gravy

Your favourite quote?
Progress not perfection

Your favourite animal and why?

Bird. I would love to be able to fly!

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