My Story of Living with Endo

As young women, we are told that when we get our periods they will be uncomfortable, crampy and painful and that there will be blood. So as I noted in my early years of high school that I was the only one being sent home every month for the pain I thought I must just be “weaker” than the other girls.

I was 12 when I first reached menses, after 3 years of heavy bleeding and pain that would keep me from school the Doctor put me on the pill. It didn’t agree with my and I was continually throwing it up, In hindsight this was a blessing in disguise. With nothing to mask the pain (Naprosyn not even touching the sides) we were forced to investigate further.

As the only official diagnosis was, and still is, a laparotomy it was concluded that I most likely had Endometriosis but as I was only 16 it would be better to wait till I was closer to the time of me wanting children before opting for any surgical procedures and that it would just be a matter of pain management until then.

I remember one Christmas when we were staying at my aunties, who is a nurse, the pain was so bad that my mother and aunt thought my appendix had burst and were close to calling an ambulance.

At the age of 22 I decided to have a laparotomy, I felt I had dealt with the pain for long enough and was in a stable relationship at the time. It was confirmed that I did in fact have Endometriosis and shortly after they performed a laparoscopy to remove the leigns.

After the surgery they gave me 6 months to have a baby. I now have 2 beautiful children, this is not the case for many.

My story is of one of the lucky ones for women suffering from endometriosis.

Wether you think they are gross or you are a member of a red tent moon circle, it is important to know what is a normal period and what may need further investigation.

My advice to young women is to get to know your body and your periods!

Keep your body in good health, find out where YOUR body is at and what YOUR body needs for good health. This can not only prevent serious health concerns in the future but will also make life a lot more enjoyable now and for the long term! 

Think You Might Have Endo?

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Have a read of my last blog on ‘Getting to know your period’. This is a great guide, to help you get to know and understand your body better.

We are also hosting a High Tea for the Endometriosis Awareness Month of March. I will do a very informative talk on endo and how nutrients, diet and lifestyle can help with the management of this condition!  Check out the details below, or here.    

I hope to see you all there!

Nichola x