How important Magnesium our body?

Magnesium is an important mineral that’s involved in many aspects of your health.

Magnesium oil helps your muscles recover faster after a hard workout, by fighting inflammation, raising your antioxidant levels and replenishing the energy stored in your muscles.

Magnesium is an important nutrient. It has multiple functions within the body.

These include: 

  • regulating nerve and muscle function
  • supporting healthy pregnancy and lactation
  • maintaining healthy blood sugar levels
  • maintaining optimum blood pressure levels
  • manufacturing and supporting protein, bone, and DNA health

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Magnesium is found naturally in many foods. Its highest concentrations are found in:

  • whole grains
  • prickly pears
  • dairy products
  • legumes
  • nuts, and seeds
  • edamame
  • white potatoes
  • soy cheese
  • green, leafy vegetables, such as spinach and Swiss chard 

If you are taking a Magnesium supplement , We recommend taking the Magnesium supplement about 30 minutes before bedtime because Magnesium helps the body relax. This nutrient reduces stress and helps you sleep longer. In contrast, melatonin helps you get to sleep faster. Both magnesium and melatonin can be used to treat insomnia, sometimes even in combination.

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