Dry Needling in Remedial Massage Therapy

As a Remedial Massage Therapist my goal with all clients is to reduce their muscular pain and tension whatever way, shape or form that may take on for them. 

Generally if someone is suffering from a lot of pain, has a lot of tension in their muscles or cannot withstand a lot of pressure it can make it difficult for me to treat their conditions with traditional Remedial Massage Therapy techniques. This is where other techniques such as dry needling therapy can come in handy. 

Dry needling is a technique used to relieve muscular pain and tension. It is a gentle type of technique that does not require the therapist to use firm pressure or other techniques which can cause some pain to release your muscular tension. 

Dry needling is where a thin needle is inserted into a myofascial trigger point in a muscle. A Trigger point is usually described as a knot or a point of tension in the muscle.

Once the needle is inserted it creates microtears in the tissue and stimulates the muscle. This jump starts the nerve supply, increases the blood flow to the area and releases endorphins. As a flow on effect from this the muscle will begin to relax.

The needles are generally left in the muscle for 5-20 minutes depending on the client’s presentations and the effects are almost instantaneous and can be much more effective than massage techniques for some clients.

You may feel a number of different sensations when experiencing dry needling such as a twitch response (more on this later), a heaviness, a dull ache or a buzzing sensation. However this is different for everyone. Usually the sensations will subside after the needle is removed but it is normal to be feeling these sensations for up to 6 hours post treatment (but trust me the results are worth it!).

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Most commonly when a needle is inserted into a trigger point you will experience a local twitch response.

What you experience here is exactly how it sounds, your muscle may involuntarily twitch, it may cause a small amount of pain but it is usually over within a second. This means your therapist has hit the exact spot they were meant to, so you shouldn’t need to worry if you feel this type of response.

Now you may be thinking how does this fit into a massage appointment? 

Well the beauty with this treatment is that your therapist can insert dry needles into certain muscles in an area and leave them for up to 20 minutes, while they are doing their thing your therapist can massage another area of your body. So when you think about it you are actually getting bonus treatment, your therapist can achieve more in a single session than if we were to use just remedial massage therapy techniques! So you will walk out feeling better than ever!! 

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