COVID-19 Response : Why Is Exercise More Important Than Ever?

Coronavirus is happening and its no joke! It has currently been labeled a pandemic and people are panicking. Amongst it all, it is imperative to remember that exercise remains as important as ever to help keep our population healthy.

To put it simply, Coronavirus is a virus which causes respiratory infections. It spreads because it is a new virus the body does not recognize and as such has little defence against.

The standard quarantine period is approx. 14 days at this time, however, that does not mean we have to stop exercise and movement. We should still consider exercise for two key reasons; scientific research shows that…

exercise helps improve our immune systems and is proven to help support our mental health.

It’s understood that leading a physically active lifestyle has its obvious physical benefits but it also reduces the chance of contracting infection [bacterial or viral] and in times of crisis, exercise, bodily movement and strengthening tends to be ignored! But it can in fact help each person “fight off” infection due to increasing enhancement of your immune competency.

We’re entering a period of time where all of us are anxious to a certain degree. It’s important to keep a clear mind and remain focused.

Exercise is an active therapy which helps support your mental health, meaning, your mood, sense of alertness, psychological response, emotional state, ability to think etc, can benefit from exercise.

Person’s who are elderly, have chronic conditions in particular autoimmune diseases and children are categorized as ‘high risk’ for attracting the Coronavirus. Therefore, as most of us would be coming into contact with people from these categories, being proactive in actively bettering your health yourself and minimizing the risk of getting infected needs to be a priority during these stressful times. 

To be blunt, anyone and everyone should exercise right, keep active and reap the benefits physical activity has to offer!

Understanding balance and undertaking the right exercise for each individual is important.

In some circumstances, excessive exercise can reduce your immune systems productivity for a period of time, therefore, it is vital to exercise right for who you are, as no one way of exercise modality is suitable for all individuals. Speak to an accredited trained professional.


  • Be aware of your own health. If you’re showing symptoms of Covid-19, see your relevant medical professional and refrain from exercise.
  • If you are nervous about attending an exercise facility/healthcare setting, contact the provider to understand what hygienic measures have been put in place
  • If you are in self-isolation, this does not mean you need to stop exercising. Infact, it’s a great time to move more and keep your body and mind healthy.
  • Trust an Accredited Exercise Professional who has the expertise and education to help you stay fit and healthy, and can work with you based on your current health and existing conditions.

Your safety, the safety of your family and friends is priority.

If you are in self-isolation/quarantine, I cannot stress how important it is to remain safe when training. If guidance and help is needed, speak to an accredited trained professional. Trust your health with an expert.

FNQ Health Co is actively going to try their best to help increase options to stay active and nutritionally well during this time of national stress and self-isolation. Telehealth services will be available from FNQ Health Co for those seeking guidance, including one on one consultations, home-exercise programs and live classes.

For further information call our clinic on 4079 5509.

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