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Moroccan Lamb Salad Healthy Recipes Cairns Nutritionist at FNQ Health Co

Moroccan Lamb Salad

DOWNLOAD THIS RECIPEIngredients: Good quality lamb (shoulder, chops) Moroccan seasoning Vegetables for roasting – pumpkin, sweet potato, beetroot, eggplant, carrot and capsicum Coconut oil Salt Pumpkin & sunflower seeds Rocket,…

Physiotherapy, What is it all About?

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During a Physiotherapy appointment you are in our hands! Many people suffering from pain or injury may be referred to Physio by a doctor or a friend BUT aren’t actually sure what Physiotherapy is or…

Dry Needling.. What is it?

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What is it?! “Dry needling involves needling trigger points within muscles to provide pain relief and promote healing.”  Dry needling is now a widely used technique among Physiotherapists for treating a range of…
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Heat vs Ice.. Which Works Better?!

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This would have to be one of the MOST COMMON questions a Physio gets asked! When you have an injury it is often recommended to apply heat, ice, or sometimes even both! So how can…