10 Benefits Of A Pregnancy Massage!

Here are our top 10 reasons how a pregnancy massage can benefit you and your baby! 


1. Massage increases circulation. This helps to transport oxygen and fresh nutrients to the cells throughout your body. This then provides your baby with better nourishment and oxygen supply. Increasing circulation also helps reduces varicose veins forming.

2. Regular pregnancy massage helps to soften the muscles around the lungs and thoracic area, which get particularly stuck and stiff during pregnancy. This not only helps you feel more comfortable but also helps to expand breathing capability and provide more oxygen to your baby.

3. Massage improves skin elasticity and increases flexibility, which can reduce the feeling of muscle tightness, pain and reduce muscle cramps.

4. Massage works very effectively on the nervous system to induce a sense of calm, which then in turn helps you to sleep better, reduce stress and anxiety and help both you and your baby to grow healthier and happier together.

5. Massage helps to ease lower back and hip pain, often inevitable at some point in time during pregnancy. Your body releases relaxin, a hormone that softens the ligaments, which allows the hips and pelvis to open up for childbirth, but unfortunately places lots of strain and stress on the lower back and pelvis during pregnancy. Massage can really help to alleviate the muscle tightness over the top that kicks in to provide the back with some stability.


Pregnancy is an incredible of phase of life and time of amazing changes for the body, not only physically but mentally and emotionally too!

6. Massage stimulates the endocrine system and its associated glands. This then helps to stabilise and reduce stress hormones to the baby. This then flows from pregnancy to child birth, with the hope for a happier and more comfortable birthing process.

7. When you are pregnant your blood volume significantly increases. This can significantly stress the lymphatic system and increase fluid retention, particularly around the legs. Massage can reverse this fluid retention and stimulate the lymphatic system to help you see your ankles again!

8. Regular massage during pregnancy can help to relieve shoulder and neck tension. This is a particularly troublesome spot once baby has arrived and you are busy cuddling and feeding. So it really does help you prepare for the breastfeeding stage, where you will be leaning over baby a lot.

9. Massage helps to maintain correct posture, which then alleviates shoulder, neck and lower back pain. It is really hard for the spine to carry around the weight of a big bowling ball, all day long! So no wonder why it changes your posture and walking habits!

10. Recent research indicates that pregnancy massage does more than just give symptom relief and actually supports fewer complications during delivery and postnatal complications, shorter hospital stays, quicker labor times and less postpartum depression.

There are SO many physiological, structural and psychological changes that occur daily when you’re pregnant. Massage therapy can help with all these changes and provide significant relief from those aches and pains!

At FNQ Health Co. we love working with pregnant mamas, to help you functioning and feeling optimal! 

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