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At FNQ Health Co. we are an innovative women’s health clinic dedicated to providing our women with the best of care in all stages of life.It’s a different experience. Because you deserve the best care.

We don’t just care about the physical body, its about mind and spirit too. You’ll find a range of health and wellness services for women here at FNQ Health Co. With Women’s Pelvic Health Physiotherapy, Breathwork, Pre & Post Natal Rehab, Clinical Hypnosis, Mindset (NLP) and Massage Therapy.

We love what we do and are ready to support you online and in person in our Trinity Beach clinic on the Cairns Northern Beaches.

We are redefining the future of healthcare in Australia, to provide our clients with the best experience possible.

Meet Your Women’s Health Physio

Lisa really enjoy pre and post-natal Physio and Women’s Health

Lisa Dempsey, a passionate physiotherapist, was drawn to the field due to her desire to be part of the dynamic health industry and engage in a career filled with variety. With a penchant for conversation, physiotherapy perfectly aligned with her aspirations. While she finds joy in treating musculoskeletal and sports injuries like many of her peers, Lisa has developed a newfound appreciation for pre and post-natal physiotherapy and women’s health.

Highlights of her career include the establishment of FNQ Health Co. and her involvement as a physiotherapist at the GC2018 games in Cairns. Despite her outgoing nature, few may realise that Lisa is the eldest of five siblings, perhaps explaining her affinity for communication. Her favourite place in the world is FNQ, where she finds unparalleled contentment. Lisa’s guilty pleasure involves indulging in cheese, occasionally complemented by wine.

Her favourite quote, “Life begins when you step out of your comfort zone,” reflects her adventurous spirit. If she could embody any animal, she would choose a turtle for their serene reef explorations, inherent protection, and remarkable resilience spanning millions of years.

Our difference is that we care. At FNQ Health Co., client care is what we do best and we make sure you reach your health goals.

Physio Services at FNQ Health Co

Whether you are recovering from an injury, surgery, or simply want to move and feel better, we can help.
At FNQ Health Co. we have a special interest in pregnancy and prenatal health and wellness.

Massages Services at FNQ Health Co

Massage is an ideal way to maintain optimal muscle health, improve recovery, relax your body and mind.
At FNQ Health Co. we have a special interest in women’s health and wellness, including the incredible pelvic floor.

Wellness & Mindset Services at FNQ Health Co

FNQ Health Co. is your health and wellness centre. We are different. We are revolutionary.

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